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T.T.  Soko-de Jong  MTh ResMA

T.T. Soko-de Jong MTh ResMA

Promovenda / PhD Student

Thandi Soko-de Jong is a Trainee Research Assistant (AiO) and PhD student in the Beliefs research programme. Her area of interest is exploring, through Intercultural Theology, how Jesus as healer Christologies are understood from the perspective of people/faith communities encountering incurable illness.

Thandi Soko-de jong is originally from Malawi and is married to a Protestant Church in the Netherlands minister. She has a BA in Biblical Studies and Mass Communications from the African Bible College, Malawi; a BA (Honours) and an MTh. in Theology and Development from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa; and a ResMA from the African Studies Centre at Leiden University, the Netherlands. Outside of her thesis, her other areas of theological interest are theology and development; theology and the environment and theology and African Studies.


Member: Intercultural Theology Research Group (Groningen)

Member: Circle for Concerned African Woman Theologians

Member: African Women Theologians (The Netherlands & Belgium)


TussenRuimte (member of editorial board)

MissieNederland (bestuurslid/board member) 

Foundation Academy (tutor)