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Dr. K.L.  Bom

Dr. K.L. Bom

Docent (UD/Assistent professor)

Dr. Klaas Bom is docent dogmatiek in Groningen en maakt deel uit van de leerstoelgroep Interculturele Theologie.

Dr. Klaas Bom (1967) is assistent professor dogmatics at Groningen and is part of the team 'Intercultural Theology'.

Klaas Bom studied at Utrecht and Paris and obtained a PhD from Utrecht University (1999). He is a minister of the Protestants Church in the Netherlands (PCN) and served as a pastor in Gouda (2003-2009). Before coming to the PThU in 2014, he lectured systematic theology in Managua (FEET, 1999-2003) and Quito (SEMISUD, 2009 - 2014) on behalf of KerkinActie, the mission department of the PCN. From 2014-2018 he worked as a senior researcher of the research and formation project 'Science and Religion in French-speaking Africa' a cooperation between the PThU and Templeton World Charity Foundation.

His research interests are  systematic (theological) anthropology (grace and emotions), pneumatology, Blaise Pascal and (Latin American) Pentecostalism.

Recent publications:

2019 "A Fresh Pentecostal Engagement with the Sciences' from French-speaking Africa' Exchange 48, 51-72.

2018 'Verrijkend? Over het interculturele debat over geloof en wetenschap', Radix,Vol. 44, 26-35.

2017 "Joy, joy, joy, tears of joy'. A Contribution to Theological Anthropology', International Journal of Philosophy and Theology, Vol. 78, Is. 3, 215-233.

2017 (with Benno van den Toren) 'A contribution to the debate on Science and Faith by Christian Students from Abidjan', Zygon, Vol. 52, No. 3, 643-662.