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Dr. R.J. de Vries

Dr. R.J. de Vries

Universitair docent
Afdeling:PT Practices

Dr. Reijer J. de Vries

universitair docent praktische theologie - pastoraat

staflid Justitiepastoraat, Universitair Centrum Geestelijke Verzorging (UCGV)

Reijer J. de Vries (born in Driebergen, June 30st 1954) is assistant professor of pastoral care at the Protestant Theological University, Amsterdam and Staffmember for Prison Chaplaincy at the University Center for Chaplaincy Studies (UCCS). He studied theology at Utrecht University and was ordained minister in the Dutch Reformed Church, serving several parishes in the period 1980-2009. His research topics are (history of) lay pastoral care, pastoral theology (Eduard Thurneysen) and lay pastoral care and aftercare in Prison Chaplaincy. 

E rjdevries@pthu.nl