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MA J.N. den Toom

MA J.N. den Toom

Promovendus (AIO)
Locatie:Groningen, Amsterdam
Afdeling:Practices, PT Practices


Niels den Toom is PhD-student in the Case Studies Project on Chaplaincy Care at the Protestant Theological University (Groningen, The Netherlands) and the Tilburg School of Theology (Tilburg University). The Case Study Project on Chaplaincy Care is a joint research project of the PThU and Tilburg School of Theology (Tilburg University). For more information about this project see here.

Prior education

Niels has obtained his master's degree (divinity and spiritual care) at the PThU and has working experience in different working fields of chaplaincy care. He worked subsequently as a prison chaplain, university chaplain, and chaplain in health care.

He was also involved with research on prison chaplaincy at the former Centre for Prison Chaplaincy Studies (now: UCGV) as secretary. See publications.


Niels is currently working on his PhD-study in which he focusses on chaplains participating in a research project for four years. The central question is how participation in research contributes to the professional practice of chaplains. For more information about the study, see PhD-project.

Since 2018, Niels has been an editor of 'theory and research' of the Dutch Journal of Chaplaincy Care (Tijdschrift Geestelijke Verzorging).