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J.J.  Markus MA BSc

J.J. Markus MA BSc

Afdeling:PT Practices

Religious tolerance as an educational goal of teachers in mono-religious Christian schools

Mono-religious Christian schools (or orthodox Protestant schools) are directed towards the socialization of pupils into the Christian faith. Because society is increasingly diverse, questions arise: how to prepare pupils adequately for life in a (religious) diverse society, while the school population is often homogeneous and it is believed that the way of salvation is only through Christ? Since academic and practical attention is increasingly drawn to multi-religious and interreligious education, there is a substantial lack of empirical knowledge about what is going on in mono-religious schools. Hanna Markus MA is especially interested in what teachers motivates to work at these schools, and her PhD-research is focussed on the teachers’ views and strategies about religious tolerance as an educational goal.

This project is funded by Driestar educatief and PThU (OJKC).