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MA H.  Vogel

MA H. Vogel

PhD student
Afdeling:PT Practices


Henk Vogel is a PhD student in the Practices department. His research considers the ritual-musical appropriation of Psalms in contemporary Dutch and Flemish culture.


Henk has a background in literary studies (Dutch literature and culture) but, during bachelor and master, also became interested in music, liturgy, ritual, heritage, processes of community and identity formation, and theology as well. His master's thesis reflects this combination of interests, as Henk analyzed the texts, music and practice of (new) church music for the widely celebrated Tercentenary for the Reformation in the United Kingdom of the Netherlands (1817). This commemoration day took place in a context of political and religious upheaval. Henk explored how in the church music for this day histories of the Reformation(s) were mythologized and sometimes enacted in musical interaction, in order to (re)create and consolidate a Protestant identity and imagined (comm)unity, against Roman-Catholic and 'southern' Others.

Henk is also active as an amateur church organist, choir conductor and composer. He lives in Utrecht.

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