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Dr. A. de Kock

Dr. A. de Kock

Universitair Docent Praktische Theologie
Afdeling:Practices, PT Practices

Jos de Kock is an Assistant Professor in Practical Theology (Education & Catechetics) at the PThU and a member of the Research Center Youth, Church, & Culture (www.ojkc.nl) . His specializations are in the areas of empirical practical theology, religious education, youth ministry, and catechesis. 

Jos is

- the Chief Editor of Journal of Youth and Theology (www.brill.com/jyt)

- Board member of the Religious Education Association (www.religiouseducation.net), chairing the Standing Committee Religious Education in academic disciplines and institutions

- Executive Committee member of the International Association for the Study of Youth Ministry (www.iasym.net)

- the president of the working group “Children & Youth” of the International Academy of Practical Theology (more information)

- the executive custodian for the International Academy of Practical Theology responsible for Finances and Website (www.ia-pt.org)

Jos de Kock is teaching in both bachelor, master and post master courses.at the PThU (and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) and contributes as lecturer and presenter in several international networks. Jos is guest lecturer at Theological University, Kampen and coordinator of the Practical Theology section of the Gereformeerde Bond PhD students network. 

Jos is doing research within the PThU research program Practices, research projects by order of field organizations, and he is involved as a copromotor in research projects of several PhD students in the fields of religious education, youth ministry, catechesis and learning processes in church communities. 

Jos de Kock not only is a practical theologian but also is an education expert. As an education expert, Jos previously worked as as a teacher, researcher, consultant, and senior policy advisor in higher education. Now he regularly is consulted as member of visitation panels for higher education.

Jos de Kock regularly reports on his research results both nationally and internationally and is very active in valorization of reserarch results. For a recent list of published scholarly works and some more information, please download a short curriculum vitae. To get a glimpse of Jos' involvement in valorization activities, please visit the archive on the OJKC website. De Kock's latest article "Challenges to apprenticeship learning in religious education" in Religous Education (2017, issue 3), can be downloaded here.

For a personal Blog, check josdekock.com