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T. Tops

Afdeling:NT Sources
  • Curriculum Vitae  

Bachelor in Philosophy (Universiteit Antwerpen)

Master in Philosophy (Universiteit Antwerpen) 

Bachelor Theology and Religious Studies (KU Leuven) 

Teacher Training Theology and Religious Studies (KU Leuven) 

Master Theology and Religious Studies (KU Leuven) 

Research Master Theology and Religious Studies (KU Leuven)  

7 Courses in Ancient Greek and Greek Linguistics at Arts Faculty KU Leuven

  • Publications

Tops, T., Whose Truth? A Reader-Oriented Study of the Johannine Pilate and Jn 18,38a, in Biblica: Commentarii Periodici Pontificii Instituti Biblici 97/3 (2016) 395-420.

Tops, T., The Orientation of the Teaching of the Paraclete in the Gospel of John: Retrospective or Prospective?, in New Testament Studies 65/4 (2019) (forthcoming)

Tops, T., Transforming Historical Objectivism into Historical Hermeneutics: From "Historical Illness" to Properly Lived Historicality, in Neue Zeitschrift für systematische Theologie und Religionsphilosophie 61/4 (2019) (forthcoming)  

  • Title Research Project:

A Historical-Contextual Study of the Views on Language in the Gospel of John against the Background of its Contemporary Philosophical Tradition and in Comparison with the Views on Language in the Gospel of Mark.