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Prof.dr. F.G.  Immink

Prof.dr. F.G. Immink


Gerrit Immink (1951) is emeritus professor of Practical Theology at the Protestant Theological University (campus Groningen). 

At the moment his research focus is on Preaching. 

Immink published in the area of Fundamental Practical Theology, Homiletics and Liturgy. 

Two books are published in English. 

  • Faith. A Practical Theological Reconstruction, Grand Rapids: Eerdmans 2005
  • The Touch of the Sacred. The Practice, Theology, and Tradition of Christian Worship, Grand Rapids: Eerdmans 2014

From 2007 - 2014 he was the rector of the Protestant Theological University. 

Immink is an ordained minister of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands. He served as a minister from 1979-1987 and was rector of the seminary of the church from 1987 - 1993. From 1993 - 2006 he was full professor of Practical Theology at Utrecht University. 

Immink studied at Utrecht University and did his PhD work on Divine Simplicity (1987) with Vincent Brummer and Alvin Plantinga.