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MA C. van der Knijff

MA C. van der Knijff

Medewerker Commissie Wetenschapsbeoefening
Afdeling:Beliefs, ST Beliefs, Bestuurssecretariaat

Kees van der Knijff started as PhD candidate in systematic theology in 2013. His research project focuses on the topic of 'divine guidance'. This topic is highly debated in evangelical circles, where various views have emerged over the last 30 years. Problematic is that the discussion almost exclusively takes place in non-academic sources and is strongly focused on practical application.

In his research project, Kees analyses the current debate from a systematic theological perspective and will try to propose a theological framework in which meaningful talk about divine guidance and the leading of the Spirit is possible.

Academic Memberships:

  • Netherlands School for Advanced Studies¬† in Theology and Religion (NOSTER; junior member)
  • Ass. Book Review Editor, Journal of Reformed Theology (since Oct. 2013)