Prof.dr. H. Noordegraaf

Amsterdam, Groningen
Community / Care

Prof. dr. Herman Noordegraaf is extra-ordinarly professor for diaconia at Groningen on behalf of the Foundation Rotterdam. He is also assistent-professor for diaconia at Amsterdam. He is especially involved in research on activities of churches in the field of poverty and care. He is chair of the Diaconale Studiekring, member of the editorial board of Diaconia. Journal for the Study of Christian Social Practice and co-editor/author of two handbooks on diaconal science. He was co-founder and is actively involved in the International Association for Research in Diaconia and Christian Social Practice. He was co-founder and member of the board of Interdiac, the International Diaconal Academy for Central and Eastern Europe.

He has published many works in the field of diaconia and church and society.


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