Dr. P.M. Sonnenberg

Associate Professor Practical Theology//Youth Ministry
Amsterdam, Groningen
Worship / formation

Ronelle Sonnenberg is a Protestant theologian specializing in Practical Theology, more specifically in Youth Ministry and Religious Education and qualitative research. She works as assistant professor and is an ordained minister in the Protestant Church in the Netherlands.

Youth (children, teenagers, emerging adults), Faith, Church and Culture and in particular the interrelatedness of these have her interest and are important both in her practical theological studies as well as in her teaching.

Among her interests and expertise are:

  • Youth ministry 
  • Religious education 
  • Character formation
  • Liturgical Studies
  • Normativity and Practical Theology
  • Ethnography and other qualitative research methods

Her research is linked to the Research centre for youth, church and culture. For further information see:



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