Want to study Theology abroad?
We offer a one-year, English-taught Master of Theology programme. Come enjoy the combination of a climate of academic excellence and the great atmosphere in our home in the heart of the lively university city of Groningen. With students from all over the world, our accredited programme offers you a truly international and intercultural experience.
Looking for an international exchange programme?
Do you want to study abroad as an exchange student at a master's level? And does your home university have an official arrangement with our university? If so, you can apply for a student exchange period at the Groningen location of the Protestant Theological University. You must apply before 1 April.
Part of your PhD or master's in the Netherlands?
Are you working on your thesis or doing a PhD, and looking to expand your horizons? Or are you studying and looking for a valuable way to connect with another culture in your free time? Our Bridging Gaps programme allows you to come to PThU / VU University in the Netherlands for three months of study and research.
Facts & Figures
after a merger between three universities
years of history
four centuries of theological education
at our locations in Groningen and Amsterdam
international students
from across the globe

About the PThU

The Protestant Theological University is a specialised university for the study of Christian theology, whose proud history stretches back over 150 years. Its renowned predecessors from Kampen, Leiden and Utrecht joined forces in 2007 to form the Protestant Theological University. Since 2012 the PThU has had its campuses in Groningen and Amsterdam. The PThU stands for solid and relevant theological education and research into developments in faith, church and world Christianity. We do our work out of a strong connection to the church and a fascination for how faith works in people's lives - and that includes the faith of our staff and students.


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