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Jews as children of the devil?
Lieve Teugels
For years, New Testament texts about Jews have been interpreted in a literal way. This includes, for example, texts...
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The Bible blog aims to inform a wide audience of the latest developments in Bible research. We focus on the big picture, but want to do justice to the facts. The views taken are those of the author, not necessarily those of the PThU.

Did Jesus walk on water?
Gert van Klinken
Walking on water is impossible, or so we learn in school. The church isn’t as sure. After all, the New Testament does...
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About the PThU

The Protestant Theological University is a specialised university for the study of Christian theology, whose proud history stretches back over 400 years. Its renowned predecessors from Kampen, Leiden and Utrecht joined forces in 2007 to form the Protestant Theological University. From September 2024, our campus will be based in Utrecht. The PThU stands for solid and relevant theological education and research into developments in faith, church and world Christianity. We do our work out of a strong connection to the church and a fascination for how faith works in people's lives - and that includes the faith of our staff and students.

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