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Are you preparing for a teaching ministry or doctoral studies in Theology? PThU offers a one-year, English-taught Master of Theology programme. Come and enjoy the combination of an excellent academic climate and the great atmosphere in our home right in the centre of the lively university city of Groningen. With students from all over the world, our accredited programme offers you a truly international and intercultural academic experience.  

What does the theology master programme look like?

The Master of Theology programme consists of two semesters. You will start with interdisciplinary courses, as well as courses dedicated to the specialised track you have chosen. Your second semester is fully dedicated to your specialisation, including  methodology, specialisation courses, literature study and a master thesis.  

Academic tracks 

Do you prefer ethics or intercultural theology? Are you an aspiring biblical scholar or missiologist? As a student within the PThU Theology Master programme, you select one of four academic tracks before starting your studies: 

  1. Ethics of Dignity. Are you interested in the Ethics of Dignity track? You will be specialising in ethics or pastoral care/practical theology. More about Ethics of Dignity.
  2. Thinking God Interculturally. Are you interested in the great theological themes? This track explores the nature of God, salvation in Christ, the presence of the Spirit, and the reality of hope in the light of contemporary challenges Christian communities face. In doing so, it will provide tools to look for contextual discipleship, community-building and for faithful and relevant intercultural encounter and witness. More about Thinking God Interculturally.
  3. Living Texts. How does the biblical text become a living reality for believers in our times? With the support of different exegetical and historical methods you get trained in biblical exegisis and the history of theology, thus becoming a hermeneutical expert. More about Living Texts.
  4. Missional Communities. How do congregations express themselves in today's highly diverse cultural contexts? This track deals with missionary and diaconal practices of the congregational church expression and new emerging distinct Christian practices (like church planting, fresh expressions, emerging churches, urban mission) in hitherto unexpected cultural contexts. More about Missional Communities.

Intercultural theology

The International Master provides a great entry point into Western theology and culture for students from Asia, Africa and Latin America. We are well equipped to help you build a bridge between your own context and the European Academy. For the same reason, a number of European and other students from the West have chosen this particular one year programme because it provides an exposure to other expressions of World Christianity and intercultural theology. We love to help you deepen the three-way conversation between your own context and its challenges, Western theology, and the Christian Scriptures and tradition.