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If you are entered into a master's programme at the PThU, you can choose to follow one of our seminar courses. If you are a master's student at another recognised university, you can attend seminars at the PThU as a 'secondary student'. Alumni, pastors and other interested parties can also follow one or more courses from the regular master's education of the PThU as a 'contractor'. All seminars are offered in semester 1. You can take seminars in period 1 (September to November) or period 2 (November to January).

Seminar courses 2023-2024

The forthcoming autumn semester (September 2023 – January 2024) the Protestant Theological University is offering several English-taught seminars (elective courses) with a work load of 7.5 ects, for which Dutch and international exchange students can register. Courses are either offered in Amsterdam or in Groningen. Each student is expected to select two seminars (courses) per period (a semester at our university consists of two periods). Most of the lectures are scheduled on one specific day of the week (either Wednesday or Friday), with classes in the morning and in the afternoon. Below we offer short descriptions of each course. For more information on the content of a course, please contact the course coordinator. To register for one of the seminars, please contact our admissions office.

Please be aware this schedule is still subject to change.

Seminars period 1 (September - November)

Most of the seminars (courses) in period 1 (early September till mid-November) are offered in Amsterdam, as most of the (Dutch) students attend classes there. For the course ‘Big Crises and Theology’ the venue depends on the number of registrations at each of the two PThU locations (Amsterdam and Groningen).

Seminars period 2 (November - January)

The majority of the seminars (elective courses) in this period (mid-November till the end of January) will be offered in Groningen, as they form an integral part of the specialised tracks of the one-year international Master of Theology (English-taught). Only if the number of students registered for these courses would be higher in Amsterdam, we may decide to offer the lectures at the PThU in Amsterdam.

Costs and conditions

Do you want to attend a seminar? This is free of charge in the following cases:

  1. You are a master's student at the PThU and you meet the entry requirements for the seminar.
  2. You are an exchange student of a partner institution of the PThU (Erasmus+ or bilateral partner) at master’s level. You pay tuition fees at your home institution and you meet the entry requirements for the seminar. You should be nominated by the Erasmus+ coordinator or international office of your home institution first, before applying for admisión as an exchange student (link). The application deadline is 1 July for the forthcoming sesmester. 

If you do not meet these conditions, you can participate in the seminar as a 'contract student'. For a contract fee of € 100 per ECTS you can participate in the course. Of course, you must still meet the entry requirements for the seminar.


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