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The Protestant Theological University (PThU) is a fully accredited university of theology, located in Amsterdam and Groningen. The PThU stands for solid and relevant theological education and research into developments in faith, church and world Christianity. We do our work out of a strong connection to the church and a fascination for how faith works in people's lives - and that includes the faith of our staff and students.

PThU staff and students at a chapel celebration on Wednesday
  • "My decision to study here has been invaluable in my current work as a teacher at Waimaw Theological Seminary. During my studies I received the tools that helped me to reflect confidently on 'living' Biblical texts and to think critically about my community and the situation in my home country. It was an incomparable experience.”
    Bahm Zung
    did the master Theology
  • What do Christian theological visions and practices of good life, from different biblical, historical, and social and cultural contexts, contribute to a constructive and critical engagement with contemporary understandings and practices of good life within the church and in society at
    Mediating good life
    Research focus


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