Support our international students

The Study Fund for Foreign Students (SFS) makes it possible for international students from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe who do not have the necessary resources themselves to study or do a PhD at the PThU. Donations are most welcome.

Want to support the Study Fund?

You can use the button below to make a donation via creditcard, iDeal or Bancontact. 

You can also make a donation through your own bank. In that case you should transfer your contribution to:

  • IBAN: NL77 INGB 0000 5707 40
  • In the name of: Protestant Theological University
  • Address:
    ING Regio Noord-Oost
    Friesewal 1
    8011 XE Zwolle
  • With reference number: 89120/1210.

Thank you for your gift

The students visiting our university amass a wealth of knowledge they can subsequently put to use on behalf of the Church in their own countries. Some become or continue as pastors in a congregation, but oftentimes they start as researcher and teacher at a theological seminary. That way, in their own country, they are able to theologically educate and equip a new generation of students. Another positive effect of the presence of students from outside of the Netherlands is their influence on Dutch theology students, who can learn and grow in their understanding through interaction with students from a different context.

  • "My decision to study here has been invaluable in my current work as a teacher at Waimaw Theological Seminary. During my studies I received the tools that helped me to reflect confidently on 'living' Biblical texts and to think critically about my community and the situation in my home country. It was an incomparable experience.”
    Bahm Zung
    did the master Theology
  • "With my PThU education I will be able to reach distant areas in Eastern Congo to form centers for reconciliation, which will serve as a beacon of peace in this conflict-prone Central African region."
    Paul Mutama Sebasaza
    did the master Theology

All support is welcome

The costs of accommodation, study and living expenses amount to approximately € 16,500 per foreign student and a PhD trajectory costs an average of € 40,000. These are significant amounts. The PThU is not allowed to finance scholarships from government grants, which makes the SFS completely dependent on donations. All support is welcome; financially or by drawing attention to the fund and the need for donations to people in your environment and/or the church.

The PThU is grateful for every donation that helps to continue this long-standing tradition.


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