Mission and vision

What is our mission and vision as Protestant Theological University (PThU)?


The Protestant Theological University specialises in the theological study of the Christian faith in view of the interaction between sources and contemporary formation.

The theology practiced at the PThU is rooted in the Protestant tradition, paying special attention to the interplay between religion and socio-cultural contexts.

The University is the official institution for the education and training of ministers of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands and has two locations (Amsterdam and Groningen), each with their own approach.

The PThU aims to be a prominent university centre for Protestant theology that is self-conscious, critical and flexible in its response to the changes taking place in the areas of faith, church and world Christianity.



Staff and students:

  • are passionate about their involvement in church and society
  • can account for a personal involvement with the Christian tradition in their scientific practice
  • create an inspiring and challenging learning and research environment, showing enthusiasm and ambition


The PThU offers a challenging:

  • learning environment which provides students with an inspiring course of study and personal coaching, inviting contemporary theological practice
  • theological research profile and doctoral programs nationally and internationally recognized and acknowledged


The PThU aspires to:

  • make leading national and international contributions to the academic practice of theology
  • practice theology that fulfils an inspiring function in church and society
  • contribute to the progress and renewal of the practice of theology in the Protestant Church in the Netherlands

The PThU sets itself the following tasks

  • the academic formation of a new generation of theologians
  • educating ministers to be theologically and professionally able
  • educating men and women for leadership positions in organisations and theological fields where expertise is relevant
  • educating a new generation of researchers
  • doing fundamental and practice-oriented research concerning faith, church and religion
  • contributing to the proper functioning of religious communities in their social and cultural contexts
  • contributing to reflection on the role of religion in contemporary society
  • providing postgraduate education for ministers and other professionals
  • providing social services in the field of religion and society


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