PThU and PGU sign lease agreement Janskerk Utrecht

18 June 2024

The Protestant Theological University (PThU) and the Protestant Municipality of Utrecht (PGU) today signed the lease agreement surrounding the use of the Janskerk church in Utrecht. For a period of thirty years, the PThU will become the main tenant of this church. During this period it will make use of the Janskerk, alongside the Ecumenical Congregation.

Unique collaboration

Dr Kees Boele, who signed the agreement as PThU board president, is very excited about the lease and the cooperation. "It is unique for a theological university to be housed in this way: an academic building on Janskerkhof and Jansdam combined with a monumental church. It couldn't be nicer for academic theology practice and the training of pastors. Moreover, the PThU will also cooperate with the Ecumenical congregation that has its church services in the Janskerk."

Frans Ritmeester, director of the PGU's office: "A wonderful solution for the Janskerk, in line with the PGU's vision to use its buildings for activities that connect to its objective. We look forward to inspiring initiatives for the people of Utrecht that may arise through the contacts between the PThU, the Janskerk congregation and the PGU."

Renovation plans

The PThU is currently drawing up renovation plans for the Janskerk in consultation with the PGU. They are collaborating with the architectural firm Van Hoogevest from Amersfoort. The Janskerk will house several lecture halls, study areas and work and consultation rooms. These spaces will be fitted into the building in such a way as to preserve the sightlines, special features and character of the church. The renovation will take place in spring and summer 2025. By 1 September 2025, the church should be ready for full PThU use. The PThU will not only hold lectures in the church, it will also host all kinds of academic meetings and organise lectures, for example.