PThU and Stellenbosch University intensify collaboration

21 June 2024

PThU and Stellenbosch University signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and a Student Exchange Agreement (SEA) on Thursday 20 June in Utrecht. In doing so, they agreed on continued cooperation, student exchange and collaboration within PThU's Church and Slavery project.


Present at the meeting were several participants from both universities. On behalf of Stellenbosch University were present Prof Reggie Nel, the dean of the university's Faculty of Theology and the faculty manager, Escois Benjamin. On behalf of the PThU, Rector Klaas Spronk, Prof Annette Merz, Prof Heleen Zorgdrager, Dr Martijn Stoutjesdijk and Albert Nijboer were present.

Agreements on cooperation

PThU and Stellenbosch University (SU) made agreements on continuing the existing cooperation in the form of annual research consultations. The next of these will take place in the first week of October 2024 in Stellenbosch and Cape Town. In addition, agreements were made on the continuation of student exchanges. PThU and SU also made agreements on cooperation within the Church and Slavery project. In the short term, PThU will invite a South African guest researcher for this purpose through the existing Research Fellowship programme. Both partners will explore how they can collaborate within the project and which researchers they can involve.

The possible participation of lecturers from SU within the module 'Overcoming Slavery and Racism in Theology' (7.5 ECTS) to be offered in Utrecht next autumn was also discussed. Finally, it was agreed that both institutions will prepare a new Erasmus+ application to further facilitate and finance the exchange of lecturers and students. Prior to the conversation in Utrecht, Dr Erica Meijers spoke with Professor Nel in Amsterdam about the aforementioned research consulations, which she coordinates from the PThU together with Prof Dorottya Nagy.

Appreciation for cooperation

All in all, a successful visit during which mutual appreciation was expressed for the long-standing cooperation between PThU and (especially) its legal predecessor in Kampen and its strategic partner in Stellenbosch.