Dr Marjo C.A. Korpel

Associate Professor Old Testament
Amsterdam, Groningen
Old Testament / Judaism

Marjo Korpel is Associate Professor in Old Testament Studies at Amsterdam and Groningen. For more information, see the menu on the left. 

Appeared October 2020

Guillaume Bady & Marjo Korpel (éd.),  Les délimitations éditoriales des Écritures des bibles anciennes aux lectures modernes / Editorial Delimitations of the Scriptures from Ancient Bibles to Modern Readings, Leuven: Uitgeverij Peeters, 2020.             


RS 92.2016:40-43 (Ugaritic tablet, about 1250 BCE / 1250 v.Chr.)

Colophon of a text written by a scribe on the death of his master Attanu:

"[The scribe is Ilimilku, the Shuba]nite, student of Attanu, the diviner, chief of priests, [and scri]be of Babel. But the one who recited this was he himself. [He wrote the words of the text in the hous]e of his master, but there was nobody (anymore) who taught him [(how) to put these words] into writing."

Ps. 119:99 (Codex Aleppo, 930 CE / 930 na Chr.)

"I have more understanding than all my teachers: for thy testimonies are my meditation."

Matt. 13:52 (Codex Sinaiticus, 5th Cent. CE / 5e eeuw na Chr.)

"Everyone who studies the Scriptures and becomes a student in the kingdom of heaven is like someone who brings out new and old treasures from the storeroom." 


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