Dr. C.A. Korpel

Associate Professor Old Testament
Old Testament / Judaism

Marjo Korpel is Associate Professor of Old Testament Studies. Her publications concern Old Testament exegesis, Canaanite and Israelite religion and ancient Hebrew epigraphy. She is well-known for her  research on metaphorical language describing the divine in Ugarit and the Bible (A Rift in the Clouds, 1990). She is the founder of the international reearch group and series of Pericope: Scripture as Written and Read in Antiquity (Delimitation Criticism). In this series she published a monograph on The Structure of the Book of Ruth (2001). In 2011 The Silent God (Brill, Leiden) was published, written together with Johannes de Moor (Kampen). Her research interests are focused on Unit Delimitation, Canaanite religious literature and the biblical Books of Ruth, Esther and Second Isaiah.

Research Group: Sources


Involved in the following courses:

  • Old Testament Exegesis
  • Old Testament Theology
  • Ugaritics


  • Old Testament/Hebrew Bible
  • God and Evil in the Bible and in the ancient Near East
  • Layout of the Bible in past and present
  • Ugaritic (Canaanite) language and culture