Dr. C.S.H. Rijken

Assistant Professor 'Theology & the Arts' (especially Music)
Worship / formation


see also: hannarijken.nl (Dutch)

Dr. Hanna Rijken, theologian and musician, is working as a postdoc researcher on follow-up research in the field of Choral Evensong in the Netherlands. The research is a collaboration with Oxford University.

Hanna Rijken obtained her PhD on 12 December 2017 at the Protestant Theological University in Amsterdam with a dissertation on the Anglican Choral Evensong in the Netherlands. Her supervisors were Prof. Dr. Marcel Barnard and Dr. Martin Hoondert (Tilburg University). She teaches Liturgy at the Rotterdam Conservatory (Codarts) and is a minister in general service of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands for the interdenominational pioneering place Choral Evensong & Pub in Utrecht.

Hanna studied theology at Utrecht University (bachelor), Tilburg University (research master theology: Liturgical & Ritual Studies) and at the PThU (master church minister). In addition, she majored in transverse lute at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, specialising in traverso (bachelor & master), church music (bachelor) and choral conducting (bachelor), and (master) at the Brabants Conservatorium (Fontys).

Hanna is the founder and artistic director of the Vocal Theologians Ensemble (powered by PThU). She was also the founder and artistic director of the Buitenschoolse Koorschool Utrecht (near the old Catholic cathedral). She gives courses in church music for (prospective) pastors at the Seminarium of the PThU. She was a member of the editorial board of the Liedboek. Singing and praying in the home and church (2013). She was a member of the editorial board of Laetare, Magazine for liturgy and church music. Hanna works as a Musical Advisor to the Dutch Church London.