Dr. P.B. Hartog

Assistant Professor of Ancient Judaism
Old Testament / Judaism

P.B. (Bärry) Hartog teaches ancient Judaism and Biblical Studies at the PThU in Groningen. His research concentrates on ancient Judaism (including the Dead Sea Scrolls) in the context of the Graeco-Roman world. He has a particular interest in issues of textual scholarship and exegesis, the construction and development of identity, and intercultural contacts in an ever-expanding world

Jewish, Christian, and Graeco-Roman Travel

With Elisa Uusimäki (Helsinki), I chair the Program Unit Jewish, Christian, and Graeco-Roman Travel in the Hellenistic, Roman, and Early Byzantine Periods (300 BCE–600 CE) at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature. More information at the Program Unit blog. If you are interested to hear more about our Program Unit or looking for a possible collaboration, feel free to contact Elisa or me.


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