MA E.F. Damen

PhD Candidate
Dogmatics / ethics

Curriculum vitae 

2010 - 2014  

Bachelor of Theology, University of Groningen 
Thesis: 'A longing to speak with God; A rejection of a (theistic) image of God in the book of Job'. Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Wouter Slob and Prof. dr. Jacques van Ruiten (University of Groningen) 

2016 - 2017  

Visiting Master student at the department of Systematic Theology, University of Stellenbosch in South Africa 

2014 - 2017

(cum laude) Master of Divinity with an additional research component in Philosophy of Religion, Protestant Theological University, Groningen, The Netherlands  

Thesis: 'Mission Impossible: The Kingdom of God in the Theology of John D. Caputo. A Critical Reflection from the Postcolonial Sub-Saharan African Perspective of Achille Mbembe'. Supervisors: Prof. dr. Frits de Lange (PThU) and Prof. Dr. Robert Vosloo (University of Stellenbosch)  

2017 - now 

PhD Candidate at the Protestant Theological University