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International Convivium “Casa Mundo”

In close cooperation with the PThU the Ruimzicht Foundation (www.ruimzicht.nl) offers you the opportunity to live, during your studies in Groningen, in the international convivium Casa Mundo. A convivium (from Latin, literally meaning ‘sharing life together’) is a student community. Its residents deliberately choose to live in a group and to weekly reserve time for moments of reflection, a good conversation or a sociable activity.

Casa Mundo accommodates fifteen residents: seven Dutch and eight internationals.

The composition is mixed: male and female, and each resident has his or her own room. The internationals are selected by the PThU, whilst the Dutch are senior students or have just started their first job and reside at the convivium for a longer period of time. Together, you will create a home for each other.

The global character of the convivium is evident: a world of its own, with a colourful mixture of cultures. Each resident contributes his or her own tradition and habits, and you become acquainted with different views and (religious) insights that may be completely different from yours. The communicative language between the residents is English. If you have the ability to face the unknown with an open and inquisitive attitude, along with a healthy sense of humour, you will gain new insights, special experiences and friendships.

Sitting around the table together is fundamental for the convivium. Eating together offers an opportunity to get to know each other better: it is a chance to connect. You have dinner together at least every Wednesday evening. This is the evening everybody stays at home and participates. Dinner ends with a simple liturgical moment, each time prepared by someone else. This is followed by the home gathering. The structure of this evening varies and depends on what you agree upon. One time it may have a reflective character, another time you may discuss a current topic. It can also turn out to be a cultural or sports event. Apart from this weekly evening at home, you will see and meet each other regularly but of course each person has his or her own (study) programme, personal appointments and social contacts.

As in any regular household, practical matters need to be taken care of; this is no different in a convivium. It means you have to do the dishes or clean the living room on a regular basis. A good tradition within the convivium is to inaugurate new residents after a period of approximately three months. In a special ceremony you will be become an official member of the convivium. This is an official event, but with a playful undertone.

Who is eligible for the International Convivium:

A resident of the international convivium:

  • is enthusiastic about living in Casa Mundo
  • will reserve time for the convivium
  • is interested in others and is able to deal with diversity in faith, culture and inclination
  • demonstrates a true interest in other cultures
  • has an open, inquisitive nature, is trustworthy and able to put things into perspective

In the programme application form you will be able to indicate if you would like to live at Casa Mundo or at a general international students accommodation in the city of Groningen.