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Dr. Mirella C.M.  Klomp

Dr. Mirella C.M. Klomp

Assistant Professor of Practical Theology
Afdeling:PT Practices

Mirella Klomp is a Protestant theologian specializing in Practical Theology, more specifically in Ritual Liturgical Studies. Coming from a Lutheran background, her research focus has been mostly on Ritual and Music, and has recently also come to include Ritual, Food and Meals. She is fond of cross-disciplinary research.

Mirella works as Assistant Professor of Practical Theology, and as Executive Manager of IRiLiS at the Protestant Theological University in Amsterdam.

Among her expertise:

  • food, meals and their values
  • public theology
  • body, embodiment and materiality in (religious) ritual
  • The Passion and other contemporary passion performances
  • ritual and (Christian) music in late-modern network culture
  • religion and media
  • suffering and illness from a theological perspective
  • Lutheran theology
  • migrant churches
  • christian worship in African (Ghanaian) culture
  • ethnography and other qualitative research methods

Mirella is an ordained minister in the Protestant Church in the Netherlands.