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Dr. Mirella C.M.  Klomp

Dr. Mirella C.M. Klomp

Assistant Professor of Practical Theology
Afdeling:PT Practices

Mirella Klomp is a Protestant theologian specializing in Practical Theology, more specifically in Ritual Liturgical Studies. Coming from a Lutheran background, her research focus is mostly on ritual and music. She works as Assistant Professor of Practical Theology, and as Executive Manager of IRiLiS at the Protestant Theological University in Amsterdam.

Among her expertise:

  • The Passion and other contemporary passion performances
  • worship in late-modern network culture
  • ritual and (Christian) music
  • religion and media
  • public theology
  • Lutheran theology in relation to music
  • ethnography and other qualitative research methods
  • migrant churches
  • christian worship in African (Ghanaian) culture.

Mirella Klomp is an ordained minister in the Protestant Church in the Netherlands.