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Prof. M.N.  Walton

Prof. M.N. Walton

Bijzonder hoogleraar geestelijke verzorging
Afdeling:Practices, PT Practices

PhD Students

Erik Asscher on life risk in the military.

What meaning do persons in the military attribute to the risk of life inherent to military operations?

Theo van Leeuwen on hermeneutic communication in chaplaincy

How do protestant chaplains in the Netherlands engage in hermeneutic communication? How can hermeneutic competence in chaplaincy be defined? 

Myriam Braakhuis on methodology in case studies

What information do case studies by chaplains provide on the analyses, goals, interventions and effects of chaplaincy care?

Niels den Toom on chaplaincy learning in case studies research 

How does the sharing of case studies in research communities have impact on the professionalization of participating chaplains?