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Prof.dr. H.P. de Roest

Prof.dr. H.P. de Roest

Afdeling:PT Practices

Prof. dr. Henk de Roest

This is the personal webpage of Henk de Roest, Professor of Practical Theology at the Protestant Theological University (Groningen campus)

Personal introduction  

In my CV you will find more biographical info... Please feel free to stroll around. 

From September 2012, I teach and do research at the Protestant Theological University, in the beautiful location Groningen (Oude Ebbingestraat 25). My Chair is Practical Theology.

From 2001-2012 I was the Chair of Practical Theology at Leiden University. At that time, I noticed how the experience of being a pastor for over twelve years influenced my (empirical) theological approach and my teaching. Also, being at home in practical-theological research/debates as a student since 1985 has given me a sound basis for both teaching and doing research.

My PhD-study was about the wiritings of a now quite famous German philosopher, Jürgen Habermas. In 1998 I defended my thesis at Leiden University (with distinction). A recent article about Habermas's view on religion:  

         Henk de Roest, 'Von Religionen lernen. Jürgen Habermas und die Unverzichtbarkeit religiöser               Gemeinschaften', in: Elöd Hodossy-Takacs & Leo J. Koffeman (Hrsg.), Wichtige Wendepunkte.             Verändernde und sich ändernde Traditionen in Zeiten des Umbruchs. Beihefte zur Ökumenischen         Rundschau 2014/98, 145-158.

I believe that if a student becomes a good researcher, analyzing ecclesial practices in society, he/she will also become a good teacher and a good pastor... 

Research interests

My current research focuses on pioneer planting, ecclesial events like The Night of the Churches, Christian community formation, missional communication of the Christian faith, social capital and social cohesion, church closures, interreligious dialogue at grassroots level. Recently I started doing research about the response of local churches to earthquakes in the Dutch province of Groningen.

I also focus on methodological issues (focus groups / case studies / visual ethnography). I further welcome students with an interest in issues that are related to congregational leadership.

Candidates for doctoral study will always be supervised by two supervisors, one of them may be working at another Dutch University. 

Editor-in-chief Ecclesial Practices. Journal of Ecclesiology and Ethnography (publ. by Brill)

As of January 1st, 2016, I serve as editor-in-chief of an exciting academic journal on qualitative research in and with churches, congregations worldwide and new and emerging Christian communities: Ecclesial Practices. Journal of Ecclesiology and Ethnography. The journal (indexed in ATLA) publishes articles and book reviews at the intersection of ethnographic and other qualitative approaches with theological approaches to the study of a variety of ecclesial practices and contexts of practice. 

Contactinfo: (also see: CV)

Henk de Roest:
Professor - Chair: Practical Theology
Telephone: + 31 (0)88 - 3371 807
E-mail: hpderoest@pthu

Oude Ebbingestraat 25
9712 HA Groningen
PO-BOX 11069
NL-9700 CB Groningen, The Netherlands