Prof. dr. H.E. Zorgdrager

Intercultural theology / missiology

Teaching courses

Protestant Theological University

  • Eschatology - Hope and Expectation in the Context of Secularization (Ma).
  • Mission Studies - Reflecting Mission Practices in the Local Congregation (Ma).
  • Christ, Gender, Culture: Explorations in postpatriarchal and postcolonial Christology (Ma).
  • Mission Studies and Ecumenism: an Introduction (Ba).
  • Religious Community and Diversity (Ba).
  • Personal Faith and Dogmatic Reflection (Ma).
  • Great Theologians of the Modern Times (Ma).

Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv

  • Introduction to Protestant Churches and Theology (Ma).
  • Living Examples of Protestant and Orthodox Spirituality (Ma).
  • Human Rights and Christian Faith (Ma).
  • Christian Mission in the 21st Century (Ma).
  • The Role of Churches in the Process of Reconciliation (Ma).
  • Protestant Theologians of the 20th Century (Ma).

Post academic courses

  • Religion, Theology and Gender: New Trends and Topics in Research (2014).
  • The Holy Spirit in Feminist and Eastern Orthodox Theology (2013).
  • Systematic Theological Approaches to Death and the Afterlife (2012).