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Henrik Kraemer Lecture 2019:

God in the Broken Middle: The Prophetic Task of Public Theology.

"We are living in a society characterised by socio-cultural politics of hatred fuelled by fear of the other (immigrant, refugee and stranger) living in our midst. The ever-increasing threat of religious fundamentalism and terrorism all wrapped up in a narrow nationalist agenda is gaining currency, especially with more young people being attracted to the rapidly growing right wing ‘alt-right’ populism in Europe and abroad. The public space is crowded and fragmented with cacophony of these competing realities. The church finds itself uncomfortably pushed into engaging with such a pervasive reality. Truthfully speaking, the failure of Christian communities to effectively and theologically address some of these issues could be partly blamed for the current predicament. Drawing from experiences gained among the Christian communities in India and United Kingdom, I will examine both the failures and positive steps being taken by churches in addressing the fragmented public space.  Using Leslie Newbigin and Gillian Rose as conversation partners, I will propose that 'Public Theology' as faith seeking understanding and wisdom seeking discernment in the public square must be attentive to the cries, hopes and aspirations of all. In a society were deep social, political and cultural discontents among our communities are occupying the public space, our churches are in urgent need to find creative and bold ways to embody Christ’s love and compassion. The need of the hour is for us to listen to the prophetic message of Jesus Christ, who invites us to restore our relationship with one another and God, reimagine a theologically equitable community as an alternative vision for our fragmented ‘post Christian’ society."

Revd. Dr. Anderson H M Jeremiah is the lecturer of World Christianity and Religious Studies in the department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion at Lancaster University. He is an ordained priest from the Church of South India (an Anglican Province), served in the Scottish Episcopal Church for six years as a priest before moving to Lancashire in the North West of England. His research interests and publications lay in the lived facet of Global Christianity, and its theological and missional engagement with other faith communities. Alongside his research in South Asia and West Africa, he is also conducting research on diverse ethnic and racial make up of Christianity in Britain. He has published widely in the areas of Contextual Theology, Mission and Ecumenical Studies, and Culture and Christianity.

Practical information

Date: 12. June 2019
Location: PThU, Main building Free University, De Boelelaan 1105, Amsterdam
Time: 14.00 - 16.00 h.
Coffee or tea is served from 13.30 - 14.00. Afterwards there's a drink.

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