Prof.dr. H.P. de Roest

Community / Care


  • Concepts and Methods of Theology, BACHELOR
  • Praktical Theology, BACHELOR
  • Praktische Ecclesiologie, MASTER
  • Exploring Issues in Practical Theology, INT. MASTER
  • Community, MASTER & INT. MASTER
  • Casualia (Pastoraal handelen rond doop, huwelijk, zegening, levenseinde) 
  • PE (2017): Pioneering, New Ways of Being church

Subjects of education

Honours Program, Courses leading to PhD-Research on: Church Planting, Church in Rural and Urban Areas, Church Closing (and Restart), Ecclesiogenesis, Community-, Group- and Network Development, Congregational Studies (Field research in Congregations), Missional Church, Church Innovation, Inclusive Church.