Prof.dr. H.P. de Roest

Community / Care

Keywords in my research 

  • Methodology: Collaborative Research Methods, implying valorisation roght at the start of a research project. 
  • Congregational Studies & Ecclesial Ethnography 
  • Group-, Community- and Network Development
  • Churches and Social Capital: Churches in Rural and Urban Areas
  • Missional Communication of the Christian Faith
  • Evangelicalization of the Churches
  • Ecclesial Events like The Nght of the Churches (Kerkennacht/ Lange Nacht der Kirchen). 
  • Church in New Housing Areas
  • Church Closings (and possiblities for 'Re-start').

PhD-Program available for foreign graduates (Contact: 00-31-(0)883371807 or:

PhD Projects

  • 'Die Gestalt der Predigt im Kraftfeld des Geistes
    Eine Studie zu Form und Sprache der Predigt nach Rudolf Bohrens Predigtlehre' - drs. Jantine Nierop (FINISHED, Public defense: NOVEMBER 6, 2006). 
  • 'De stem uit de oneindigheid. Over de talige vormgeving van preken in het licht van poëzie en poëtica van Martinus Nijhoff' - (FINISHED, Public defense: OCTOBER 16, 2007. 
  • 'The Evangelicalization of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands: An Empirical Inquiry' - drs. Wilbert van Iperen (FINISHED, Public defense: JUNE 26 2014) 
  • (with prof. dr. Erik Borgman, Tilburg University) 'Homiletic consequences of the crisis of representationalism', - drs. Rene van der Rijst (FINISHED, Public defense: JAN. 14, 2015)
  • (with dr. Hanneke Meulink-Korf) 'Sexual Abuse in Pastoral Relationships: An Inquiry into Congregational Dynamics in the Aftermath'  - drs. Christiane Van den Berg-Seifert (FINISHED, Public defense: SEPT. 24, 2015).
  • (with prof. dr. Herman Noordegraaf), 'The Missionary Surplus of Deaconal Presence. An Action Research Project, Analyzing Diaconal Learning Processes in Orthodox Protestant Congregations' - drs. Bert Roor (FINISHED: Public defense: JUNE 28, 2018)  
  • 'Meaningful in the Margin. Congregations in Rural Areas and their Impact on the Quality of Life' - drs. Jacobine Gelderloos-Commandeur (FINISHED, Public defense: SEPT. 6, 2018). (Funded partly by Maatschappij van Welstand). 
  • (with prof. dr. Joep de Hart), 'Pioneer Planting in the Netherlands. One Hundred New Congregations?' -  Marinka Verburg (MA-Bestuurs- en Organisatiewetenschap) - Started: SEPTEMBER 2014 (0,5 Fte). (For this research-project De Roest received funding from: Stichting Kerk en Wereld, Protestant Church in The Netherlands, Protestant Church Amsterdam, Maatschappij van Welstand). 
  • (with prof. dr. Joep de Hart and dr. Marten van der Meulen) - 'Iconic City-churches in The Netherlands: Tensions and Dynamics' Matthias Kaljouw (MA) - Started: SEPTEMBER 2017 (0,8 fte). For this research-project De Roest received funding from 18 Protestant iconic churches, 90K, Maatschappij van Welstand and Fonds Ad Pias Causas, alltogether 100K Euro, 
  • (with prof. dr. Erik Borgman, Tilburg University), 'F.O. VAN GENNEP Mediating between Theology and Culture - drs. Gerrit van Meijeren (FINISHED, Public defense: JUNE 16, 2022).
  • (with prof. dr. Dorottya Nagy), 'Congregational Learning Processes in Intercultural Cooperation', - drs. Pieter van Winden
  • (with prof. dr. Martha Frederiks, University of Utrecht), 'Casestudy research on long-existing Christian intentional communities' - Rosaliene Israël (MA)
  • (with prof. Kim, Oxford University), 'Understanding the Worldwide Christian Mission Community as a Resource for Mission. The Experiences of the Church Mission Society (CMS)', drs. Berdine van den Toren-Lekkerkerker (FINISHED, Public Defense: MAY 21, 2021).
  • (with dr. Theo Pleizier), 'A Contextual Perspective on Transmission of Faith in Families', drs. Jan Minnema. 
  • (with dr. Marten van der Meulen) 'Transforming to Missional Congregations. Three Case Studies in Seoul, South Korea', Youngsub Won. (MA). 
  • (with dr. Theo Pleizier), 'Congregations and the Domain of Work', drs. Jan Scheele Goedhart. 

The Chair of Practical Theology acts in cooperation with the PT-Chair of the University of Zürich, Switserland (prof. Ralph Kunz / prof. Thomas Schlag) and the PT-Chair of the Christian Albrechts University of Kiel, Germany (prof. Uta Pohl-Patalong). Together we organise an annual meeting for all our PhD-students (Doktorandinnenkolloquium).