Dutch partner institutions

In order to achieve its aspirations, the Protestant Theological University (PThU) has chosen to collaborate with the Free University (VU) and the University of Groningen (RUG). Both of these institutions have thriving and ambitious – and independent – theological faculties. In the Board of Governers’ view, the differences that exist in theological tradition and academic focus make the cooperation all the more valuable.

The PThU shares a fascination for the meaning of religion in the lives of people with the Faculty of Theology and Religious Study of the RUG. The RUG knows how to clearly chart the links between religion and culture and the PThU gladly benefits from this expertise, although it also has ample opportunity to make its own challenging contributions to the scientific debate in this area. The PThU anticipates dynamic and fruitful encounters of differing perspectives in Groningen.

The PThU sees its own solidarity with church and society reflected in the VU’s Faculty of Theology. In its practice of theology, the PThU is inspired by the renewing, creative and open way the VU gives shape to its protestant-Christian persuasion. The PThU anticipates feeling at home on the interreligious and intercultural 'intersection of faith and perspectives' that the VU aims to be.

The combination of fascination and solidarity is essential to the PThU. As partners, the RUG and the VU are able to provide support in precisely these areas. In cooperation with these two heavyweights, the PThU has found a balance of both.