PThU appoints two new professors and an assistant professor

22 April 2022

The Protestant Theological University has appointed two new professors and an assistant professor: Dr. E. van 't Slot as professor of Professional Education and Spirituality, Dr. E.P. Schaafsma as Professor of Theological Ethics and Dr. H. Rijken as Assistant Professor of Theology and the Arts. The synod of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands approved these three appointments on Thursday 21 April.

Dr. E. van ’t Slot as professor of Professional Training and Spirituality

Edward van 't Slot has extensive academic knowledge and skills in the field of professional training. He specialises in systematic theology and has a strong vision on the development of the discipline of professional training and spirituality. dr. Van 't Slot has extensive teaching experience and is able to scientifically professionalise teaching and research in the field of professional training and spirituality in conjunction. He uses the further elaboration of the connection between personal spirituality and professional action to develop and expand (educational) activities. "I opt for a supervisor approach in qualitative research with the aim of developing new forms of theology," says Van 't Slot.

Dr. E.P. Schaafsma as professor of Theological Ethics

Petruschka Schaafsma is a very competent teacher and her education is considered to be of high quality. She provides good personal guidance to students and is constantly working on improving education. She has obtained a Senior Teaching Qualification (SKO). In the field of research she has a clear focus and emphatically opts for depth. In her teaching and research, she emphasises ethics as a day-to-day thing: "Morality is about all of our lives, but when it comes to ethics, many people mainly think of the well-known themes of abortion and euthanasia. Ethics has become something only for 'hot issues', where only experts can judge." Schaafsma sees this as characteristic of a broader moral embarrassment in our time. She wants to use her teaching and research to get past this. "We need to stimulate the conversation about everyday moral topics and show how theology can contribute. Theologians are experts on uncomfortable topics." Schaafsma focuses on precisely those themes: evil, dependence, givenness. Schaafsma wrote a book on the latter two subjects, which will be published shortly. In this, family is the concrete entrance for discussing these uncomfortable themes. Her publications confirm her craftsmanship.

Dr. H. Rijken as assistant professor of Theology and the arts

Hanna Rijken has ample theoretical and practical knowledge and love for church music. She has the capacity for conceptual reflection at a high academic level and an eye for desires and possibilities in church and society for experiencing musical-religious experiences. She has since developed into the face of church music in Protestant Netherlands. dr. Rijken: "For me, practice and theory, theology and music are inextricably linked, which is why my research is strongly focused on practice." Dr. Rijken has shown to be an inspiring teacher, she is creative and has the entrepreneurial capacity to develop new forms of education. Dr. Rijken is very successful in bringing her research to the attention of a wide audience and at the same time she knows how to use the public for her research.


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