PThU signs MOU with Middle Eastern Graduate Consortium

23 January 2024

The Protestant Theological University and the Middle Eastern Graduate Theological Consortium signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Friday 19 January. This MOU opens the way for collaboration between the PThU and the Consortium for the provision of contextually rooted doctoral degrees in theology for the Middle Eastern Region.


The Consortium brings together the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary from Beirut, Bethlehem Bible College and the Evangelical Theological Seminary of Cairo, three leading theological institutions from the region. The programme will be overseen and degrees will be awarded by the PThU and the consortium will contribute to the joint teaching with a preparatory programme, with doctoral colloquia in the region and by providing a second supervisor for each project.

Building contacts

The PThU is excited about this new venture, because it allows the university to build contacts in this region with its ancient Christian traditions. It does allow to help develop a track within the doctoral programme with that will be rooted in this region and grow in extensive interaction with the theological, religious and social challenges of this context. We believe that we have as much to learn as we can contribute.


The MOU was signed by Dr Kees Boele, chair of the Board of the PThU and Dr Elie Haddad, President of ABTS, in the presence of Dr Evan Hunter from Scholar Leaders International, who supported the process in various ways. Dr Jack Sara and Dr Samuel Rosfy, Presidents of BBC and ETSC, participated online.

We hope to welcome the first students in this new program in 2025.