Maarten Wisse steps down as PThU rector

6 December 2023

Prof. Maarten Wisse is resigning as rector of the PThU with effect from 1 February 2024, he announced today. ‘My leadership style is not a good fit with the style of governance that the PThU is asking for.’ The PThU Supervisory Board and Executive Board chairman Kees Boele regret the rector’s decision, but have no choice but to respect it, while giving thanks for his many initiatives and accomplishments over the years.  

As rector, Professor Wisse has shown tremendous effort and vision in repositioning the PThU. A new strategic plan for the institution was drawn up under his leadership. The implementation of this plan, including the relocation of the PThU to Utrecht, will continue unabated after his departure. 

Wisse combined the PThU’s research activities into four major research projects that bring the church, academia and society together. Among other achievements, he initiated the project Toekomstgericht kerk-zijn (Future-oriented Church, in partnership with the Protestant Church in the Netherlands) and led the working group that authored the well-received report Geroepen door Christus (Called by Christ). 

Maarten Wisse became rector of the PThU in September 2021. Previously, he worked at the PThU as professor of Dogmatics, a position to which he will now return to focus on such research subjects as the coherence between the various disciplines within the field of theology. 

The PThU Supervisory Board is preparing the procedure for his succession.  


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