PThU renovation plans delayed, PThU to start at temporary location

30 May 2024

PThU announced today that it will start its master's and premaster's education at a temporary location in Utrecht on 1 September 2024. The renovation of the building at Janskerkhof 12/Jansdam 14 will not be completed in time due to delays in the renovation work.

The beautiful building on Janskerkhof/Jansdam in Utrecht unfortunately harboured a number of surprises between ceilings and floors. Also, the nearly 400-year-old beams were severely worn in places. This requires structural improvements, leading to construction delays.

The situation came to light almost a fortnight ago. Kees Boele: ‘We have always strived for moving in August. As a PThU community, we have been looking forward to this together. So this delay is very unfortunate. ‘

No delay in start of education in Utrecht

The construction delay does not affect the start date of PThU’s education in Utrecht. Kees Boele: ‘When we heard, we immediately put plan B into action. That means we are busy arranging an alternative location in Utrecht where we can temporarily house PThU as of September. We had already prepared the criteria for temporary housing and also made an overview of possible locations. In addition, last week the transition programme team mapped out which organisational and practical matters would need to be dealt with. Unfortunately, this does mean we will have to move twice: this summer and again later on.’

New completion date

Over the past week, intensive consultations with the contractor and the other companies involved have taken place. Completion of the building is now scheduled for December 2024. ‘In January, we can then move again and offer the second semester at Janskerkhof,’ he said. The renovation of the Janskerk should be completed by 1 September 2025, which is when the entire Utrecht location will become available and ready for PThU.’