Prof.dr. R.H. Reeling Brouwer

Endowed Professor; Associate Professor
Amsterdam, Groningen
New Testament / historical theology

Theological Hermeneutics of the Bible

Prof. Dr. R.H. Reeling Brouwer


The domain of research of the Miskotte/Breukelman chair is characterized by a conviction / presupposition on the decisive task of theology nowadays. In the midst of the global crises and the decline of traditional western christianity, theology has to help the proclamation, the service and the mission of the Church in the present-day culture with a new orientation on the biblical Scriptures as witnesses of a unique event, that changes all things.

For that purpose the scientifix exegesis of the Bible, particularly in its Letztgestalt, will be challenged to explicate its theological purport at its maximum. At the same time the ecclesiastical assignments for doctrine and life will be challenged to explicate their Biblical purport at its maximum. The theologians after whom the chair is called, did expect in this respect special stimuli from the newer Jewish Philosophy of Religion, on which will be focused in research because of the testing of this expectation.