Prof. dr. Erik Olsman

Hoogleraar Geestelijke Verzorging | Professor of Chaplaincy Studies
Amsterdam, Groningen
Community / Care
  • Fire chaplaincy in the Netherlands (22-26), PThU. PhD supervisor
  • Ageing of persons with a visual & intellectual disability (22-26), VU & PThU (ZonMw). PhD supervisor
  • Spiritual care for survivors of sex trafficking (21-25), PThU (PThU). PhD Supervisor
  • Moral formation by protestant chaplains (21-25), PThU (Protestant Military Chaplaincy). PhD supervisor
  • Ageing of persons with severe disabilities (18-22), AUMC & PThU (ZonMw). PhD supervisor
  • A chaplaincy intervention in palliative care (19-22), TST, VU, PThU (ZonMw). Project member
  • Interfaith spiritual care (16-20), VU & PThU (VU). PhD supervisor
  • Quality of life of persons with severe disabilities (15-20), AUMC & LUMC (NWO). PhD supervisor
  • Ethics in mental health care for asylum seekers (14-16), AUMC, UU (ZonMw). Senior researcher
  • Hope in palliative care (10-14), AUMC, UvH (ZonMw). PhD candidate
  • Hope in palliative care (13), University of Alberta, Edmonton, CA (Sormani Foundation). PhD candidate
  • Narratives of gender minorities with a Christian background (08-09), VU. MA student
  • Church and spirituality at IJburg (07-08), VU (Protestant Church Amsterdam)Junior Researcher
  • Narcissism of spiritual caregivers (06), VU. BA student


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