FAQ's during corona crisis

Here we have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions about our library services in regards to the current corona measures.

  • How do I contact the library staff?

    Send an email to library@pthu.nl, any time. On working days between 9 and 4 pm we will answer as many emails as possible. If you want to be contacted by phone, please mention the phone number on which we can reach you. 

  • Can I still use the PThU reading rooms?

    Yes, but the places are limited.

  • Can I use the Inter Library Loan system (ILL)?

    This service is available. Maybe the delivery times are longer. If possible, the delivery of material will be digitally.

  • Can I still visit the university library of the VU or RUG?

    The VU library will recommence regular lending services. They also offer the possibility to consult books daily on site in the VU main building. For more information check the website of the university library of VU Amsterdam

    The RUG library will open a limited number of reading rooms. For more information check the website of the Library of University of Groningen.

  • Can I still visit (university) libraries elsewhere in the Netherlands?

    Almost all libraries in the Netherlands are open to a limited extent. Please consult the website of the relevant library for more information before a visit.

  • Will the PThU library catalogue remain available?

    Yes, the library catalogue WorldCat Discovery will remain available and provides access to tens of thousands of full-text articles and ebooks. 

  • Can I request books from the reading room or depot?

    It is possible for students and staff to request and collect books from the physical library collections. If it is not possible for you to collect the books, we can send them by post.

  • Will I still have access to the digital collections of the PThU?

    Yes, the digital collections, such as Atla Religion Database with AtlaSerials PLUS and the eBook Religion Collection, can still be accessed via the library catalogue. These can also be searched directly through studentnet/intranet. For instructions please send an email to library@pthu.nl and provide your phone number so we can reach out to you.

    For (international) students a list of databases is available on studentnet.

    For staff members a list of databases is available on intranet.

    See also these list of online databases and e-journals with a lot of open access!

  • Do we also have access to the VU / RUG digital collections from home?

    All PThU students and staff have full access to the digital collections of the VU library with their VUnetID. For more information see the website of the VU Library.

    Students and staff of the PThU in Groningen also have access to the digital collections of the RUG library with their S or P number. For more information see the website of the RUG Library.

  • I need an article or a book that I cannot find in the library catalogue

    Please contact the library. Send an email to library@pthu.nl. The library staff will contact you by email or phone. We will do everything we can to obtain the book or article. For example, we can purchase books as ebooks and make them available in the library catalogue and we can order journal articles digitally. 

  • I really need a book for my paper, thesis or research.

    Please send the title to library@pthu.nl as soon as possible. If available, an ebook can be purchased and made accessible the same day. Even if we already have a physical copy of the book in our collection, we will order an extra ebook. 


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