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Borrowing Books

In order to find titles in the PThU Library, use the online catalogue which is accessible by internet 24 hours a day. As a student you can borrow books for free on showing your student ID. In order to request books you have to use the library code on your student ID (for example 19012345) and to enter your password (at least 9 characters).

Go directly to Library catalogue WorldCat Discovery PThU

How to borrow books, how to change your password, how to renew the loan period of borrowed books and other questions read the instruction library catalogue PThU

If no library staff is present, always fill in a lending form at the lending desk.

Read our Rules for loan and library use.

Borrowing from other libraries

It is also possible to borrow books from the libraries of the University of Groningen (RUG) or the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU). To obtain a free library card go to the RUG lending desk in Groningen or the VU lending desk in Amsterdam. For further information see the websites of these two libraries.


Library University of Groningen (Broerstraat 4)

Access and library cards and service desk (ground floor)

Collection Theology and Religious Studies (4th floor)


University Library VU Amsterdam (De Boelelaan 1105)

Libraries in the Netherlands and worldwide

The best way to search in almost all Dutch library collections is the use of the Library Catalogue WorldCat Discovery PThU and select to search for Libraries in the Netherlands or Libraries Wordwide in the right-hand column on the screen.

Interlibrary loan 

Through interlibrary loan you can request books from other libraries. Submit requests at the lending counter. Price of borrowing a book from another library: 3.50 Euro. Price of photocopies: 0.65 Euro per copy with a minimum fee of 6.50 Euro (1-10 pages).