PThU: Racism affects us all

26 June 2020

The greatest good is being who you are. To be able to stand for what you believe and hope and love. Independent of skin color and culture, gender and religion, limitation or belief. As PThU we believe that it is precisely this diversity that gives shine and color to creation. Violating people's rights based on their skin color affects us all. When that happens, you cannot stand on the sidelines. Not as a person and not as a university.

We want to be an inclusive learning community.

There is no place for racism in our community. Every person counts. Every person matters. No one is excluded. We have a mission based on our faith to stand up for equality. To connect to the fight against racism. We don't only do this during protest actions in the news, or when a trending topic presents itself on Twitter. It must be reflected in all the choices we make: choices in research, education and personnel policy. It is an ongoing quest to find out what God's purpose is for creation in all its diversity. The demand for justice, because: no justice, no peace. The issue of forgiveness that perpetrators should ask victims for. All of this is at the heart of the theological questions we deal with as a university.

We are critical of ourselves.

It remains a nagging question: how do we deal with our own (perhaps unconscious) prejudices? As a university, we research this. We investigate where differences between people are perceived as threatening and enriching. We want to understand the anger and its background and confront the painful reality. Where is talent and ambition nipped in the bud at PThU? We will have that conversation, critically and respectfully. With fellow believers, non-believers and non-believers, near and far. In it, we are curious about other views, other insights, other expressions of faith, other theological contexts.

We choose the good life for everyone.

Searching for truth and justice is in PThU's DNA, but it also has to be developed over and over again. That is why we choose research and education that is focused on the good life: with others and for others, in just institutions. That is why we encourage students and colleagues to proudly shape their multicolored and moving identities. That is why we establish connections with international partners worldwide and international religious communities in the Netherlands. We ask questions and are prepared to let ourselves be questioned critically. We do not look away from our past and are accountable for our role today.

Executive Board,

Mechteld Jansen
Kees Boele


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