PThU relocates to Janskerkhof in Utrecht

14 June 2023

The Executive Board of the Protestant Theological University (PThU) is pleased to announce the university’s relocation to the Janskerkhof in Utrecht with effect from September 2024. The PThU has acquired premises on Janskerkhof 12/Jansdam 14 for this purpose. In addition, the PThU is negotiating an agreement with the Protestant Congregation in Utrecht (PGU) for the use of the Janskerk and a partnership with the ecumenical Janskerk congregation.

Meticulous process

The Executive Board chose the Janskerkhof location in consultation with the University Council and with the approval of the Supervisory Board. Kees Boele, chairman of the Executive Board of the PThU, is delighted: ‘The Janskerkhof offers premises that are ideally suited to the mission and vision of the PThU, as laid down in our strategic plan: to inspire and innovate the church, the academic community and society.’

The meticulous selection process involved researching a number of premises and assessing them against the Schedule of Requirements. The unique location of the Janskerkhof premises in Utrecht’s city centre, its excellent public transport links, its academic prestige when combined with the use of the Janskerk, the proximity of academic partner institutions and the opportunities it presents for community-building and religious services all make it ideal for the PThU.

Joyce Rondaij, chair of the University Council, had this to say about the choice of location: ‘The University Council is equally thrilled to have found a location where we can build the PThU’s future. We expect that we can implement the Schedule of Requirements here in such a way that students and staff can work together in an inspirational setting.’

Cooperation with the PGU

The PThU is looking to enter into a unique agreement with the PGU for the long-term lease of the Janskerk. It is envisaged that the partnership with the local ecumenical congregation, which will continue to worship in the Janskerk, will offer multiple opportunities for cooperation. The executive board of the ecumenical Janskerk congregation commented: ‘For us, the Janskerk is much more than a building – it is a place where we can walk in the light. This is where we can bring our hopes and fears to the Almighty and where we keep alive our desire for a world in his image.  We are overjoyed that the arrival of the PThU will open up new avenues to share our faith with new people.’

Moreover, the church building offers plenty of opportunities for lecturers, conferences, religious services and forging ties of all kinds with the local community. Theo van Stuijvenberg, chair of the PGU’s College of Churchwardens, also welcomed the partnership: ‘This partnership fits in with our philosophy of giving church buildings multiple roles. As part of that philosophy, the PGU is seeking to share its buildings and work together with suitable partners. The ideal partnership enshrines a building’s liturgical role and ensures that our heritage can be passed on to future generations.’


The coming period will see renovation work take place at the Janskerkhof in preparation for the PThU’s arrival. The pre-Master, the Master’s degree in Theology (church minister) and the one-year Master’s degree in Theology will be taught in Utrecht from 1 September 2024.