Esther Mombo starts as guest lecturer

9 December 2022

The PThU will be hosting Prof. Esther Mombo as guest lecturer. Prof. Mombo will give guest lectures on 7 and 14 December, a masterclass for PhD students and an open lecture on 12 December from 15.00 -16.30 at the PThU- Groningen. You are all cordially invited!

About Esther Mombo

Dr. Mombo is professor of church history and theologies from women’s perspectives at St. Paul’s University, Limuru (Kenya) and a member of the circle of concerned African women theologians. She also teaches interfaith courses and writes on women’s issues, evangelism, HIV/AIDS, Christian-Muslim relations, and poverty in Africa.

Guiding her lectures will be the title, ‘The Groaning and the Hope through the Easter narratives: African Women’s Envisioning of Theological Education in the 21st century and beyond'.

About the lectures

Prof. Mombo’s guest lectures are given under the course ‘Saved, not yet Safe. Gender and Christian Religion in Context’, developed and taught by Prof. Heleen Zorgdrager, Dr. Anne-Claire Mulder and Prof. Mombo. Furthermore, this collaboration will bring Dr. Heleen Joziasse on board, a co-teacher and co-author with Prof. Mombo of Systematic Theology and Gender and Theology and African Women’s Theologies. Together they have also done extensive field research among churchwomen’s groups in various areas of Kenya on various topics but especially focusing on Christology.

The course is guided by the vision of ‘Salvation in the flesh’ as a concept that has been presented and reflected by feminist and womanist theologians since 1970s. It prompts the questions of ‘saved from what’ and ‘saved for what’, how is salvation preached and practiced and how is salvation understood from the experience of women in this context. Also, this course employs an intercultural dialogue in order to understand Safety and Salvation in Context, for instance, what do Christian women in different contexts receive from and offer to others? How are their struggles intertwined, and how do they contribute to shaping the universal scope of the Christian religion and its core message of salvation?


Prof. Mombo’s visit and guest lectures fall within the Erasmus+ cooperation project between PThU and St. Paul’s University. The project facilitates the exchange of teaching staff and graduate students.