Student ambassador Stanislav Bondar

My name is Stanislav Bondar. I studied theology at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv. I was a participant in the international theological programme Bridging Gaps in Amsterdam in 2017. In the 2019-2020 academic year, I studied in the one-year master's programme on the Ethics of Dignity track at the Protestant Theological University.

Why I chose to study at PThU

Professor Heleen Zorgdrager came to Ukraine with lectures when I studied theology at the Ukrainian Catholic University. That's how I learned about the Protestant Theological University. I really like the openness of this university to a wide international context. My first closer experience with the PThU was in 2017, when I was a member of the theological programme Bridging Gaps in Amsterdam. I saw how easily students from different parts of the world can find a common language and lead theological discussions on equal terms.

My experience with PThU

As a student of the master's programme, I am very impressed by the high academic level at the Protestant Theological University. The important skills that I mastered better during the educational process are critical thinking, the ability to separate the main from the secondary, as well as the ability to make various ideas and concepts coherent. The Protestant background of this university became new and interesting for me, because I came from Ukraine, where more attention is paid to Eastern Christian Spirituality.

Living abroad and in Groningen

Groningen is a beautiful city with original architecture and many parks. Most of the population of this city is students, so all the facilities for comfortable studying are here. In Groningen, you can use the bike as the main transport. By bicycle you can get to any part of the city. The Dutch are very friendly people who will always help if you ask them. I recommend studying theology in the Netherlands, because it is a country with its own rich tradition, as well as a country that has a progressive and very high-quality education.

Feel free to contact Stanislav with your questions!


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