Obtaining the ‘good’ in a context of pluralism

Course summary:
Course summary:
Prof. dr. P.M. Wisse,
D.A. Klamer,
Sophia Höff, PhD,
A.W. Voogt
€ 10
20 April 2022 until 30 April 2030 Permanently available

In today's pluralistic society, constructive debates about morality are complex. Can we still have meaningful conversations about morality if everyone decides for themselves what is right? Is there a shared 'moral compass' that could guide conversations about morality? That is what this online course will look at. The online course is a recording of a panel during the international PThU conference 2022.

  • Course content

    How can a shared moral ground be possible in pluralistic contexts? The Moral Compass Project aims to challenge widespread notions of morality and provide alternatives. The project contributes to strengthening a 'moral compass', aimed at the good without taking us hostage. PhD students Dominique Klamer, Sophia Höff and Ariën Voogt, all part of the MCP research team, discuss from different perspectives the possibility and desirability of moral interfaces in a context of pluralism.

    Panel members

    • Moderator: Maarten Wisse, PThU
    • Dominique Klamer, PhD student, PThU: ‘Human frailty in obtaining the good’
    • Sophia Höff, PhD student, PThU: ‘The various forms of family and the common good’
    • Ariën Voogt, PhD student, PThU: ‘The necessity of shared moral ground in pluralistic democracies’
    • Respondent: Maarten Wisse, professor of Dogmatics, rector of the PThU, (co)supervisor of all three PhD candidates
  • Target audience

    Theologians, ministers, pastors, church workers.

  • Data and availability

    The panel lasts approximately 1.5 hours. The course material remains permanently available and can be viewed at any time.

  • Costs

    Costs for this online course are € 10.

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    You can register by filling in the form on this page. You can pay immediately. After payment, you will receive the course material via the email address you entered on the form.


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