Ecological awareness arising from encountering the Bible

Course summary:
Course summary:
Riëtte Beurmanjer,
A.B. Merz,
Trees van Montfoort
€ 10
20 April 2022 until 30 April 2030 Permanently available

What new ways are there to create ecological awareness by meeting Bible and theology in inclusive and holistic ways? This online course combines innovative theories and multi-sensory practices. The course is a recording of one of our panels during the international PThU conference 2022.

  • Course content

    Trees van Montfort presents an eco-feminist approach that aims to renew theology by deconstructing hierarchical dualisms of God and the earth, spirit and matter, male and female when involving Biblical and Christian traditions.

    Riëtte Beurmanjer describes how she uses biblio dance, a form of meditative creative dancing inspired by biblical texts, to put Trees van Montfort's approach into practice during a dance retreat. The moving body is the place where creation, source texts and the dancers' lives meet in a dance that helps them discover what a good life could be in their situation, from an ecological perspective.

    Annette Merz explores the potential of two methods to help modern readers overcome the anthropocentric Bible reading that is deeply entrenched in our tradition. Narrative criticism provides tools for fully appreciating the Earth as a biblical character, and bibliodrama helps overcome the dualism between humans and nature by identifying with non-human characters in a playful and deeply meaningful way.

    Panel members

    • Moderator: researcher Martijn Stoutjesdijk
    • Riëtte Beurmanjer, theologian, dance therapist: ‘Dancing into ecological awareness’
    • Annette Merz, professor New Testament, PThU: ‘Giving earth a voice in exegesis and bibliodrama’
    • Trees van Montfoort, theologian and journalist: ‘Green Theology, an eco-feminist and ecumenical perspective‘
  • Target audience

    Theologians, ministers, pastors, church workers.

  • Data and availability

    The panel lasts approximately 1.25 hours. The course material remains permanently available and can be viewed at any time.

  • Costs

    Costs for this online course are € 10.

  • Registering

    You can register by filling in the form on this page. You can pay immediately. After payment, you will receive the course material via the email address you entered on the form.


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