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Nele Chiara Neidiger from Germany

After finishing my pre-diploma in Leipzig, Germany (equivalent to a Bachelor), I was searching for a change outside of the German theological context. I wanted to continue to study in a protestant environment and at the same time I was urging for inspiration from outside my western European context. In Groningen, I am meeting the world. The PThU and as well the city of Groningen itself are “truly Dutch” and at the same time deeply shaped by its international friends, guests and fellow inhabitants. From my first day on, I felt very much welcomed to live, study and think in this inspiring environment. The PThU provides a “spacious space” for me to think and to develop my critical attitude as well as my spiritual one. The specific tracks, offered within the program, give me the possibility to focus one year on what I most enjoy within my career: the work with the Old Testament. Additionally, I feel very much involved into thequestions and ideas that my fellow students from other specializations arise, due to the mixed classes and the vivid exchange at the faculty and also in Casa Mundo.

The Master of Theology is a one-year-program and therefore demanding and sometimes truly challenging, but I feel always supported by the teachers and the other staff members. Furthermore, the PThU offers its international students the possibility to live in Casa Mundo, which I deeply appreciate. Casa Mundo provides enough personal space for me and at the same time offers me community and friendship within the walls of a former church. When I will leave Groningen in the summer, I will have a lot to take with me, not only the academic knowledge that I have gained, but also the experiences I have made in crossing boundaries, boarders and building bridges.

If you have any questions about studying at the PThU please feel free to contact me on: n.c.neidiger@pthu.nl.