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Portal III. OT codices

III. 0.1 Methodological considerations to Portal III

III. 0.2. General introduction to the Catalography of OT codices

III. 0.3 Overview OT codex types: Diagram A

III. 0.4 Overview Psalterion codices (Rahlfs/Fraenkel/Parpulov): Diagram B

III. 1 Psalterion Pilot: Codex Leimonos 65

III. 1.1 Psalm-reading in Orthodox churches and monasteries today

III. 1.2 Psalm-reading according to Typikon Evergetis (12th c.)

III. 1.3 Table of concordance quires and folio numbers of codex Leimons 65 (11th/12th c.)

III. 1.4 Concordant tables of Psalmnumbering

III. 1.5.1 The twenty kathismata in Psalterion codices

III. 1.5.2 The large divisions indicated in large capitals

III. 1.6 Pilot Psalterion codex Leimonos 65

III. 1.7 Bibliography Psalterion and Nine Odes